In a world where human intelligence and modern technology go hand in hand to improve the quality of life, it’s easy to get lost into a void of overwhelming situations. There are countless ways of working around things these days. Since the advent of computers and modern telecommunication, more data is circulated, transferred, stored, or processed within and between businesses. More data means more benefits, income, and traffic for a company; but then again, the task of managing data is becoming more challenging every single day. There are companies that attest to the increasing difficulty in managing data storage and circulation, and this problem could lead to inefficient or poor performance.

Every company should make sure that they have a secure data management system within their system. A minor error or wrong entry into the database could have serious repercussions, and this could be detrimental to the entire working system. That’s why it is very important that companies should come up with a tight-security data management strategy, and they should take into consideration all of the possible risks that may exist within the industry. Securing data within a company is not only for the head of offices or authorities to be concerned with but for every member who are using the system too. Remember that the whole is more than just the sum of all its parts.

This year, IBM introduces its very first Smartest Cities Challenge

The newest addition to the many projects of this business machines giant is to send out a team of examiners and consultants which will be responsible for taking a closer look at issues within a business or financial system. Afterwards, the team will also come up with a report on the potential solutions in order to introduce to the market a new line of more efficient data management techniques and methods. The Challenge project was launched late in 2012 and will run until December 2013; by that time, IBM looks forward to have covered at least a hundred key cities from around the world. In order to make things easier, there will be an assigned team composed of six consultants who will carry out advanced research and paperwork on a particular city. The team may also meet with the leaders of the city and other local organizations existing within its consensus. It’s one way to touch stones and get a good pulse of what that particular city is up to at present. Afterwards, the team will then draft a progress report to be published in IBM’s online publication.

All in all, IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge aims not just to introduce better, world-class and more efficient data management methods to the world, but it will also encourage municipal governments and communities to do more with the meager available resources that they have in their hands. Furthermore, IBM also looks forward to bridge gaps that concern operations and information, make good use of civic participation and engagement for better results; and most of all, they aim to encourage their target cities to invest more on quality infrastructure for cleaner data and more effective data management.

By Mike Hughes | April 19th, 2013 | Posted in Data Management

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