Almost all kinds of businesses have to deal with emails.  Some have a long list of subscribers account and some create a list of potential customers to increase sales.   Moreover, buying and selling of email lists is also a common thing as businesses need access to more and newer people in order to increase their reach. Email marketing is a growing field of marketing which offers an ROI of 4,000%.   This is why an email verifier has become a need now. If you deal with emails, you will need to verify emails. In this article, we’ll talk about email verification tools and how they work.

What is an Email Verifier?

An email verifier is a tool that helps validate email addresses.  Email verifiers first started as desktop software but now you can even find ’em in the form of online services including plugins and Software-as-a-service options. They allow salespeople and marketers to verify one or several email addresses to ensure they are correct and working.  When it comes to email marketing, the purpose is to verify the email is correct and that a real person will interact with the sender. Most companies do not care for who it belongs to. 

Desktop Email Verifiers vs Online Email Verifiers

Gone are the days of desktop email verifiers as more people now prefer to use online email verifiers due to the benefits they offer.  With an online tool, you can verify emails on the go. You don’t have to worry about being on your computer or installing a software.  You can access the software anytime, anywhere. This helps save time and also streamlines the process. Plus, online verification is safe and secure.  WinPure offers online email verification tools to make your life easier. Whether you are an online marketer struggling to reach a wider audience or a business working on improving bounce rates, you can use our online email verifier to verify email addresses.

The interface is easy. Upload lists and the software will do the rest of the job for you. Try it today.

How Does Email Verification Work?

Most people who use the internet are aware of the term email verification but very few know the process or how it works.  There are several steps and technologies involved in an email verification service

Let’s get to know the details:

Step #1: Syntax Check: This is the main feature of email verifiers. Syntax check ensures the spelling is correct and there are no characters that are not allowed. These include dots, domain extensions, commas, and @s. Moreover, syntax check also ensures there are no spaces and that the spelling is correct. 

Step #2: Domain Check: This step involves doublechecking the domain name. The email verifier will confirm the domain host exists and that the given email is registered on the domain. 

Step #3: Email Ping: The third step of the email verification process is also the most sophisticated one. The process involves sending an EHLO message to the email address to verify its existence. If the service receives a positive response from the server, then it indicates the email address is correct. If it receives an unfavorable response from the server then it indicates an issue with the email address.

Mailbox Checking: The process involves checking the actual mailbox against the ISP to verify its existence. It’s used as an alternative to email ping.

No matter which email verifier you use, the basic process is the same. However, not all tools may offer all of the abovementioned verification mechanisms.

Are There Free Email Verifier Tools?

Yes, there are, however, it is best to stay away from such tools as they are not very reliable.

If you are spending thousands on managing lists, why not spend a few more to get a reliable email verifier?

Free email verifiers come with a lot of limitations. First of all, they may not offer all the verification mechanism, hence you will never be sure if the email is correct or not.

Secondly, some free verification tools are also not able to verify all domains. In fact, some free tools do not work with Gmail, which is now among the most popular email hosting platforms.

This is why it is best that you seek a professional email verifier that is also very easy to use. Once again, WinPure Email Verifier tops the list. In fact, you can use it for free as we offer a demo – up to 100 emails – for users who want to test our services before they buy a bigger plan.

The free tool comes with all the features. Go here to sign up for a free email verifier account to verify up to 100 emails. 

What Are the Benefits of Using an Email Verifier?

If you’re still wondering about the benefits of email verifiers, here are some reasons:

  • Improved Return On Investment: A verified email list means fewer accounts to send emails to. As a result, you will spend less and thus get more returns. The concept is simple. 

Let’s say you have an e-mail list with 1,000 emails and you send a marketing e-mail to all of them but it turns out only 70% of the emails were working, which means your maximum reach would be 700 but you have paid for all the accounts (1,000). 

On the other hand, by using a verifier, you will be able to identify the 700 email accounts that work and only send emails to them, thus saving money and improving ROI.

  • Reduced Bounce Rate: Getting rid of invalid emails and spam traps by cleaning your email list can decrease email bounces and help your marketing campaign.

WinPure has been proven to reduce bounce rate by up to 98%. A reduced bounce rate means a higher chance of success.

This is very important because having a high bounce rate can be risky for businesses. You can get marked spam by ISPs which can lead to major problems. This is why it is best to use an email verifier and secure your business.

Why Should I Use Email Verifiers?

Here are some of the reasons to use email verification tools:Why Should I Use Email Verifiers?

  • The User Has a New Email Address: According to this article, about 33% of internet users change their email address every year. 

People change email addresses due to a variety of reasons, some because they are not happy with the service, some because they get married and change their name, and some because they want to try a new service.

Very few people stick to the same address all their lives, which is why it is important to verify email addresses from time to time so that you can be sure they are still valid.

  • The User Changed ISP or Job: Some people like to use official email addresses for all kinds of communication. But what happens when they have to change their business or job due to one reason or the other? They lose access to the domain, and as a result, have to get a new email account.
  • The Domain is Dead: The domain name needs to be active in order to receive emails. Over the years, a number of domains have died down including some popular names like Orkut and MegaUpload. Plus, some have lost in popularity, such as AOL. 

An email hosted on a dead domain is not of much use. Email verification can help eradicate such accounts from the list.

Are There Alternatives to Email Verifiers?

Technically speaking, there aren’t. Your only option is to manually send emails to all the given addresses to ensure they are correct. The process can be time consuming and hence not worth the effort.

Who Needs to Verify Email Addresses?

Email individual email address needs to be verified. You can, however, choose to verify complete lists at once to save time. 

Also, do not make the mistake of verifying just new email addresses. You need to verify older accounts as well – at least once a year – to ensure they are still active. 

This is very important because, as mentioned earlier, users keep changing their email addresses and what’s valid today may not be valid tomorrow.

What to Consider When Selecting an Email Verifier?

Pay attention to the following factors:email verification

  • Online or Desktop: It’s best to go for online tools as they are easier to use.
  • Scalable: Work with a software that offers great flexibility so you can add or remove lists or email addresses.
  • Cost: This is very important as budgetary issues can be a major hurdle. Work with a company that’s affordable.
  • Safe: It’s important to choose a provider who works to keep your private data safe and secure. 

If you are looking for a reliable email verifier then check WinPure’s email verification tool. We offer a bunch of affordable packages and cater to all kinds of businesses.

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