All businesses deal with data in various shapes and sizes. Over time, the focus tends to be on the quantity of data that is collected rather than the quality itself. However, data cleaning software tools can help you identify, understand, and remove any flaws in the data collection process and boost productivity and efficiency in the long run. One of the ways that WinPure helps improve profitability is by cleaning up data so that it eliminates duplicates, helping organizations make fewer mistakes. Here are some other ways in which data cleansing can lead to greater returns:

Data cleansing can increase productivity

An article on Medium about cleaning up your database suggests that meticulously organized data will help your employees make the most of their efforts during their working hours. For instance, it eliminates the need for them to try and contact clients who have outdated contact details. Especially for certain companies that provide incentives for obtaining client’s mobile numbers, the creation of invalid vendor files can be a common hassle. On the other hand, clean records and an easy-to-use system can help maximize their efficiency. This data can then be used to carry out successful marketing campaigns in the future, which are more effectively geared to your target audience.

Data has become increasingly valuable

In their discussion about ‘AI at Work’, Marcus explains that the growth of artificial intelligence has made data more valuable, as AI requires massive quantities of data to come to insightful conclusions, the demand for good data is stronger than ever. Companies that have loads of data across a wide array of fields may see increased profitability, especially when their data is unique and proprietary. WinPure speeds up the data cleansing process to identify what is valuable information and what is redundant or inaccurate

Periodic checks can help identify underlying issues

Computer Weekly claims that data cleansing is an ongoing process, because according to their article around 75 percent of companies have conducted a data audit at some point, but simply performing a check once isn’t enough. Assigning someone in your company to conduct regular spot checks helps to ensure that all underlying issues behind the data quality issue are identified, and prevent the need for further data cleansing. Without the identification of these issues, your data will continue to become corrupt over time.

Decision-making processes can be improved

In every business, customer data is what helps inform the complex process of decision-making. Through data cleansing, more effective analytics can be determined along with greater business intelligence leading to better decision-making as well as execution. Accurate data helps guide business enterprises regarding any marketing, sales, or expansion-related goals, contributing to its overall longevity and success. In today’s highly competitive market, making accurate predictions is crucial for your continued success.

If you’re interested in the process of data cleansing, it helps to conduct an initial audit through a data profiling or auditing tool which can help you clearly identify the type and location of corrupt data. The next step is to use a data cleansing tool to comb through this data, fine-tuning any problems and removing any errors. After this, finding tools to prevent the incidence of additional errors in the system will help you maintain the integrity of your data. Lastly, appointing an employee to constantly monitor the data system so that it complies with established measures of data quality is vital for your continued success. Through these steps, you’ll ensure that your company’s data is of the highest quality and will save you both time and money in the future.

By Tate Sadler | January 22nd, 2020 | Posted in Data Cleansing

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