Data cleansing should be among the list of any companies new years’ resolutions. Data is the backbone of any organisation or company; therefore keeping it at its best ensures a smooth running of activities translation to even more returns. Data cleansing is a process that entails keeping data in a company consistent, accurate and reliable.

The process is simple and involves the use of customised software that checks through the data to detect any flaws that exist. Data entry is usually a human process and as the saying goes; ‘man is to error’ the process of data entry may not capture everything as accurate as the company may want it to do. Therefore it is important to counter check the data to avoid the inconveniencies that arises due to a poor data base. Data cleansing software is capable of detecting the inaccuracies that are found in a database. They not only detect, they can be customise to auto-correct the errors.
Using data entry methods can address many issues in databases. The removal of any duplicates and incorrect data ensures the database are clean and correct. When your clients change their addresses or no longer need your services, data cleansing software removes the old contacts that are no longer needed. This saves the companies resources since information will only sent to the targeted clientele.
It is common to get complains from clients that they always receives double or even triple letters or emails. Also, at times clients complain that companies never get their addresses correctly. This arises when during data entry the streets are interchanged or captured incorrectly. This creates an erroneous database. Data cleansing removes such error and this improves the image of an organisation. This translates to a good customer experience and therefore more sales.
A similar issue arises when clients have moved and the companies keep on sending mails to their old addresses. The new residents will have a negative attitude towards your company because you will be jamming their mail boxes with irrelevant information. However simple this issue seems, it leads to a poor company image.
However, before employing a data cleansing tool, companies should keep in mind that not every tool in market is efficient. If cleansing software is not used correctly it might lead to lose of important data from the database.

Cleaner Data

Running these tools on your company’s database ensures that business decisions are more accurate and also the customers are satisfied with your services. This New Year it is important for any organisation to consider engaging a data cleansing service and efficient tools. This will allow a more cleaner, reliable and more accurate data

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