In simple words, email list verification, as the name suggests, is all about verifying an email list for validity and deliver-ability. Notably, many email verifcation software solutions are available in the market. These help in an email id-by-email id analysis to identify if they are valid and deliverable.

However, foremost, if we talk about the importance of email verification and validation, you must be really wondering why this process is so much hyped or say overrated. However, if you observe around these days, almost everything has gone digital. Ninety-nine percent of the total number of companies can be considered to have their own websites. These online websites, almost all of them, do ask you to fill in your email address in order to deliver you the latest products or services or whatsoever updates they intend to send. At times, not deliberately, but mistakenly, we tend to fill an inaccurate email address. Agree?

Well, each of our contact detail provided on the online websites, they make a database of it. Apparently, if you send emails to inaccurate email addresses, those emails tend to bounce back, and the ratio of bounce back emails gets to be much higher. The problem arises when this results in a negative mail server reputation. We know that the mail server reputation is constantly monitored by ISPs such as Gmail, AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail and many more. Moreover, the popular email service providers tend to blacklist yours server IP address in case of higher bounce rates.

By now, you might have understood how important it is to verify and remove the email addresses that are inaccurate, invalid and non-deliverable, especially when you plan to send and propagate any bulk email campaign, like newsletters.

Further, email list verification and validation do not only help in maintaining a good reputation among the various ISPs through the mail server reputation and mail bounce rates, it also segregates the email addresses with low quality from those contacts which are high-value. Marketing gets way better when you deliver your email to real email addresses.

There are a number of online email verification services and Email Verifying Tools that help you to accomplish this task. WinPure™ Email Address Verifier is one of them. It is one of the most powerful email verification services available and will accurately identify whether email addresses on your list are valid and deliverable, allowing you to remove harmful email addresses before sending a mail. Simply import your email list, choose a package then download the results.

From ensuring that your mails reach the intended audience quickly and efficiently to remove the bad email addresses, preserve your sender reputation, maximize ROI and maintain your sender reputation with ISPs, WinPure™ Email Verification Tool does it all.

Now, any marketing campaign is no more a headache, rather a peace of mind will prevail, knowing the that the mails are reaching out the real email ids and not the invalid ones.

By Susan B | September 23rd, 2015 | Posted in Email Verification

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