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EMail List SegmentationWith your email lists growing larger and larger, the diversity of your subscribers also tends to increase. Several studies showed that, in order to increase customer engagement, it is essential to segment your email lists. Afterward, you should use these segments to deliver tailored emails. We know that these days, it is usual for most of the email marketers to segment their lists. The most used criteria are lifecycle, behavior, and so on. But few marketers are considering gender differences.  As research has shown, it is one of the simplest and most useful email list segmentation approaches.

Gender-Based eMail List Segmentation

You should know that women and men react differently when subjected to the same marketing campaign. In many cases, a message that creates interest in one side is most likely to make almost no impression on the other side.

For example, men are more loyal customers than women. According to a research performed by an American Marketing Association, women tend to view themselves as more independent. Conversely, men are connected to organizations. These findings are important to online marketers.  To put it short,  men are more likely to maintain loyalty to a brand after the primary contacts move on. Meanwhile, women tend to follow their primary contacts to new companies. Hence, email marketers employing endorsement from well-known individuals or personalities should be aware that they could lose some of their female customers if the endorser ends its collaboration with the company.

Another important difference that marketers should take into account in order to maximize the results of their campaigns is that an email marketer only needs to demonstrate a consensus among female’s peers in order to close the sale. In the same time, male prospective buyers must receive information showing that their peers are actually buying the product.

WinPure Gender Identification and Person Name Splitting

As your emails list are continuously growing, you should carefully consider the importance of e-mail list segmentation. By doing so, you will be able to deliver a tailored message to your subscribers. In turn, these messages will increase customer engagement.

Thus, it is important to craft a thoughtful strategy for your marketing campaign. This strategy should take advantage of the differences between how men and women react to marketing emails.

Most probably your lists are large enough to make a manual approach a good option to email list segmentation. Fortunately, Winpure Clean & Match provides a dictionary of more than 200,000 first and last names that are specifically designed to cope with the most ethnical diverse lists. Furthermore, WinPure Clean & Match lets you use its unique gender percentage factor to set a point at which names will be returned with a neutral gender.

WinPure Clean & Match lets you also split names (e.g. Mr. John Smith Snr) into separate columns like Prefix, First, Middle, Last & Suffix, a feature that you can use to increase response rates with personalized salutations.

Download our WinPure Clean & Match free trial, and see for yourself our award-winning software can help you with your email list segmentation.

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