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CaptureThe top brass at the Royal College of General Practitioners (GPs) recently indicated that GP’s are “…under severe threat of extinction” in England.  And the central cause for this decline in medical practice is said to be inadequate funding.

It is feared that the paucity of funds will ultimately force many GP’s to close shop, with the end result being a substantial impact on the NHS. According to data available on this issue, the NHS only spends around 8.39% of its entire budget to support GP’s, even though 90% of patient contact is initiated through GP’s.

In terms of real spending, statistics show that over the past 3 years GP funding has declined by £400m. Furthermore, to underline their case, the Royal College cites the fact that, comparing spending from 2004-05 against that of 2011-12, NHS GP spending declined to 7.78% (from 9.47%) in Scotland, and is down to 7.77% (from 8.58%) in Wales.

What all of this indicates is that it takes data – in all its glory and with all of its accuracy, to highlight key matters of national interest such as declining in funding of a key component of the NHS. Unfortunately, while the Royal College might have its facts straight, many other organizations work with data that’s seriously “unwell”!

So what can one do about “unwell” data, including situations where a company has a large source of contact data, lists and other outreach data assets, which they want to authenticate and validate? These information assets could include mailing lists, email lists and marketing contact lists. And in order for them to add value to the company, they must be accurate and error free. If that does not happen, it is possible that the outreach effort will result in:

  • Mail going astray
  • Mail being “returned to sender”
  • Undelivered flyers and brochures
  • Bounced emails

All of this is likely to not only result in huge amounts of wasted resources for the firm, but the company also risks being black listed as a spammer or sender of junk mail.

Well, WinPure has come up with the perfect solution for situations like these. Their Data Cleansing and de-duping software in an industry leader in ensuring list data and contact databases are free from duplicate records, and purged from un-recognizable data characters and fields. And the company has achieved this through cutting edge “fuzzy” logic and advanced mathematical matching algorithms.

By going through thousands of records quickly, and matching them against each other and across other data lists, WinPure easily identifies and fixes errors that could potentially have cost a company thousands of wasted pounds in marketing/advertising money.

And the best thing about these tools is that individuals and businesses do not have to invest in massive IT systems to take advantage of them. They are conveniently supported on common low-cost platforms such as Windows XP-SP2 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 and Windows 8, which means they are highly affordable to acquire.

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