Marketers, in every respect, depend greatly on the data they own to put together marketing strategies and campaigns. Thus, quality of data is imperative. If data are erroneous and outdated, it will bring about poor and, even worst, destructive results which may cause financial drawbacks and waste of time and effort. In addition, continuous data setbacks lead to customer or subscriber dissatisfaction and, in the long run, decline in the number of clients.

The key solution to this kind of difficulty is first-class data deduplication software. As a consequence of the progress in data storage and management, more and more users are exploring applications or software which makes data handling easier and faster.  A list which contains many copies of a similar file or faulty entries like typographical errors and spelling mistakes are common occurrences when it comes to databases. These may be treated as minor problems but, when taken together and encountered constantly, can create dire consequences.

Data deduplication software operates to guaranty data quality and accuracy. It is an efficient and economical method of cleaning corrupt and crowded databases by way of discarding questionable entries and updating outdated and erroneous data with new and current information. A deduplication software detects an original file or data, marks it for future reference, and keeps a copy in the database (e.g. spread sheets, price lists, text files, email address lists, product categories, and mailing lists and other types of database) When it encounters a file which resembles the original source, it acts by deleting the duplicate copy in the database. A good and common example is multiple accounts for a one and the same client because of various versions of his name. A situation like the latter leads to multiple deliveries of a letter or product to the same person; both are time-consuming and financially-taxing on the part of the firm or company. Moreover, as it comes across erroneous and inaccurate details, it automatically replaces questionable entries with correct and updated information like incorrect spellings and use of punctuations, mistake in the names of customers and outdated contact or address entries.

Data Deduplication Software

Data deduplication software is an effective tool for database management, an application which can be very useful in the marketing field, since it aids not only in streamlining but also in cleaning data. A clean and duplicate-free database or list means accurate and quality data. It provides a reliable source of information, a competent instrument and guide to creating and formulating sound decisions and projects. As a result, marketing firms and companies will be able to achieve positive results. Thus, saving an organization from unnecessary wastage of resources, time, effort and, more importantly, expenses which can be channelled for other productive undertakings.  Surely, a little fortune can be spared especially when the benefits clearly outweigh the expenses of utilizing data deduplication software.  It should also be noted that regular cleaning of databases using data deduplication software is essential for an efficient and hassle-free data management.

The Benefits

Companies can greatly benefit from the use of reliable data deduplication software on their database of marketing lists. WinPure has been providing top quality deduplication software for many years and have customers from over 35 countries worldwide who use deduplication software tools such as Clean & Match to identify and remove duplications from their marketing lists and databases and is consequently helping them to save time and money.

By Mike Hughes | February 13th, 2013 | Posted in Data Deduplication

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