There are plenty of good reasons for using data quality tools to maintain a clean and well-ordered database.

Perhaps the most important reason of all is that not doing this could lead to small but crucial mistakes. These mistakes could have huge consequences further down the line.

The following are some of the mistakes that attention to detail and the right data quality tools can help you to avoid from now on.

Spelling Mistakes that Infuriate Customers

It may seem like a trivial matter when a customer has an extra “e” in their company name. Or maybe their surname has been spelled as “McDonald” instead of “MacDonald”. Yet, this is the kind of oversight that can infuriate customers enough for them to go elsewhere.

Even someone who doesn’t get easily upset by issues like this might find themselves wondering whether they can really trust a company that can’t even spell a simple name right. By paying attention to what is typed and regularly reviewing the database silly errors like this can be easily avoided.

Sending Out Letters or Emails to the Wrong Address

Another potential banana skin for your company could be sending out letters and emails to the wrong addresses. As well as being a waste of effort, this means that you could fail to inform your customers of some important details.

Maybe you have an old record for a customer with the wrong address. Then you have another that has the current details and you don’t know which one to use. This is why it is a great idea to use data matching software and an email verification tool to get your database as accurate as possible.

Duplicate Communications That Confuse

Another possible risk of having a cluttered database is that you could be sending out duplicate letters to your customers.  As well as being a waste of effort, this can also confuse the client and cause them worries.

The process of deduplication is something that can help you to avoid sending out duplicate communications. In this way, you will know for sure that each person is only on there once. You can therefore see their entire communication history in one place.

Wasting Time on Incorrect Data

These errors might seem relatively unimportant on their own.  imagine the time that you would waste if you had a few hundred or thousands of records with these problems on them.

From dealing with customer complaints and fixing errors, a poorly maintained database can cause a huge amount of extra work. Take a minute to think about how you could put all of this time to better use in providing a better service and growing the business.

This is why data quality tools can be so essential in helping you to run a better and more efficient business from now on. Boost your data quality right now and you will find that it is one of the best moves that you ever make.

By Robert Bell | February 28th, 2017 | Posted in Data Quality

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