data qualityReliability of business data is very vital in every organization. Ensuring data quality will allow you to capture and store information that can be shared with other business applications and systems at any given time. By having reliable data, you will have powerful means to make informed business decisions and create effective corporate campaigns. Data quality products will allow you to achieve all these things. They can automate data standards and help assess the quality level of your data. Quality assessment provided by these products will help identify problem areas, fix such problems, and maintain data quality.

Sadly, not a lot of business organizations address the issues of data quality on a regular basis. Most of them only do so when they start to experience problems with certain applications or when they encounter inconsistencies or abnormalities that could possibly stem from having bad data. The greatest benefits for an organization are only achieved when systems development effort and data cleansing processes are conducted on a regular basis, not just on a certain database but on all source systems that generate new data.

Companies would normally source out the help of data cleansing agencies to address their problems on bad data.

However, this prohormones could also entail high costs that would, in the long run, prove to be detrimental to the financial health of a person.

Why choose a data quality Tool?

Investing in advanced data quality tools is the best alternative to building high quality data. However, data quality products are not all the same. You need to exercise due diligence in finding the appropriate product that will, at the same time, be worth your investment.  There are different factors to consider and you have to be aware of each one so you can eventually make the right decision in purchasing.

  • Choose data quality products that can be customized in terms of defining and refining the rules of data processing.  Some products are limited to work in one system and can’t be reused for others with different specifications.  Reusability is one important feature that you should consider as this will allow you to enjoy significant amount of savings both in time and money.
  • Consider the range of data types that the product can handle. Most companies would be primarily concerned with name and address data; however, the best data quality software should be able to handle all types of data including product names, services rendered, demographic, and other client preferred information.

Your choice of data quality products will, ultimately, determine your success in having good quality business information. Choose software products used by major companies around the globe and have excellent reputation in the business community.

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The best products are those that can handle functions other than name and address information; invest in products that can create enterprise-wide reports, manage inventory, manage your master database, and perform other basic business functions.

The best software should help organizations get the highest quality business information that they truly need. Moreover, they should be responsive to the future needs of the company as they anticipate that there will be more systems and extensive data to deal with not just currently but in the future.

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By Mike Hughes | November 27th, 2013 | Posted in Data Quality

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