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Quality of data or lists depends on the accuracy of the data. A clean and error free list is always more useful then a list filled with duplicate data or errors. Such lists with corrupt data and are responsible for inefficiency and wastage of resources in an organization. As a result, this data offers unreliable platforms to the concerned projects. The unsound base of these projects is a reason for their failure as inaccurate data is responsible for the loss of focus or direction. Data deduplication software serves the special purpose of cleaning lists and keeping the database information accurate, current and duplication free.
Maintaining a neat and efficient database is a regular exercise that involves revising data with fresh information and removing discrepancies. It is essential that the lists or the data is maintained to avoid wastage of resources, reduces efficiency and cause losses. Inaccurate data leads to losing out on potential business or customers. Duplicate names in mailing lists lead to discrepancies in response rates. Wrong information leads to wrong interpretations and wrong results. This leads to misfiring of campaigns and negative affects on the chances of success of campaigns and projects. Data Deduplication software ensures that this does not happen.
WinPure offers data deduplication software that effectively does the deduplication job. The Dedupe software cleans the data and removes duplicate entries in a list or data, thus improving the overall quality. WinPure offers a number of list cleaning and data cleansing software packages such as WinPure Clean & Match, WinPure ListCleaner Pro and WinPure ListCleaner Lite. These software packages will correct, clean, standardize and deduplicate lists and databases used by virtually any organization.
WinPure Clean & Match is proficient Data Deduplication software used by data cleansing experts. The software helps to streamline and clean the data and provides a solid foundation for database management. This powerful and user friendly software helps to clean marketing databases, mailing lists, spreadsheets and emails etc. It has 5 list/data cleansing modules that perform the task of deduplicationalong with merge/purge. It removes duplicate entries, corrects invalid e-mail addresses and removes spelling errors and unwanted punctuations.Data Deduplication Software 


WinPure ListCleaner Pro is an award-winning software package that corrects, standardizes and deduplicates lists from Access, Excel, text files and other types of databases. This data deduplication software has 8 easy-to-use modules that include email address lists, address details, product category and price list etc. Simple, powerful and affordable WinPure software products are appreciated over the world and are being used by experts in all fields.

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