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data deduplication softwareWhen you are running a business that maintains a list of important data and information, you should be aware that the real value of such database is dependent, on a large extent, to the quality and accuracy of the data contained therein.  If you are not particular with the reliability of your data, you can’t possibly expect to deliver quality services to your customers and potential clients.  Now you may ask, what could contribute to the unreliability of your data? One culprit is the presence of duplicate records. This will tremendously decrease the quality of data that you have, which can only result to terrible waste of resources, inefficient conduct of operations, ineffective marketing efforts, inefficient customer service, slow returns on investment and, ultimately, lost business profits.

It follows then that deduplication of data should become an integral part of your data cleansing program. Otherwise, you are potentially allowing all those duplicate records erode your bottom line. Deduplication process can significantly give your business the competitive advantage of having clean and single record of each customer.  A poorly maintained database can be a real challenge for any type of business entity. In fact, there are reliable reports and studies which reveal that bad data alone can greatly contribute to major losses being sustained by organizations.

Don’t let your business organization be part of the statistics. Address issues like duplicate records proactively. When you have conflicting information within your database, that would create tremendous effects on the integrity of your data; ultimately, this will affect the integrity of your entire business organization. Duplicate records will limit your ability to implement effective campaigns and marketing initiatives. On certain cases, it will also hamper you from making wise business decisions. Whether you realize it or not, poor data quality also poses certain risks on the dependability of your financial information.

Duplicate records can stem from various roots and causes. It could be a result of merger and acquisition moves in the past, data migration, or simply human errors in the data entry. Whatever the source is, ignoring the issue can prove to be very costly for your organization. Because of these, you could miss a lot of business opportunities and waste business resources when implementing sales and marketing efforts. And since you clearly have errors in your data, your business bottom line can suffer.

The good news is that there is a way out of this mess. With data deduplication software from WinPure, you can identify and eliminate duplicate records in no time at all.  Using merging or purging solutions becomes a very important part of any company’s data cleansing process.  You may have sets of information which appear to be different but are actually duplicate records. You can adopt fuzzy matching algorithms to address this type of issue. Once you are successfully able to maintain a unified and accurate view of your customer, then that’s the only time that you can truly rest assured that you can achieve marketing efficiency and reach your profitability goals and objectives.

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