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Duplicate data can cause all sorts of discrepancies and even cause failures of certain campaigns and projects. As most of the marketing campaigns rely heavily on lists, it is essential for the success of these campaigns that these lists are accurate. Dedupe software helps in cleaning such lists that have duplicate entries or inaccurate data.
Data deduplication or data reduction or commonality factoring, is the elimination of duplicate data that is redundant. During the process, dedupe software is used to remove any sort of duplicate data and only one record of the data is stored. However, it is recommended that the indexing of the data is retained in case the data is required in the future. Data deduplication also helps in reducing the required storage capacity that is taken up with duplicate records.
Data deduplication uses different methods to identify unique information. Some merchants use cryptographic algorithms known as hashing to identify unique data, while some others use diligent where pattern matching or differentiating algorithm is used to identify duplicate data.
Data Deduplication

Data Deduplication

WinPure offers a unique and efficient data cleansing and dedupe software suite to take care of data deduplication. List cleaner Pro & List Cleaner Lite along with Clean & Match 2012, are dedupe software products that have given some award winning performances.
List cleaner Pro & List Cleaner Lite, are award winning software applications that are powerful, easy to use software and helps in cleaning, deduplicating and standardizing data. Use the software to remove duplications, correct invalid email addresses, remove unwanted punctuation or errors, and help identify missing data.
Clean & Match 2012 combines the list cleaning features of List Cleaner Pro with more powerful deduplication and merge/purge, together with many more features. It helps to clean, match and merge one or two lists. The software offers merging and deleting of matches and duel screens for cleaning and matching.
>WinPure offer one of the best data cleaning and dedupe software available in the market today. Visit the site and get more details about the software.
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