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de-deduplicationIn every business setting, you need to make every business resource work to your advantage. According to the Indexer team, when it comes to marketing efforts, every penny must count and should ideally result to increase in sales.  Therefore, it does not make much sense why anyone would allow their companies to send out duplicate mails to their customers. It is not only a total waste of money but can also potentially damage a company’s reputation. Receiving similar mails can irritate customers and would put your company in a bad light. It’s enough to make you be perceived as unprofessional and this will be very costly for your business. Ultimately, this will affect your company’s bottom line and reduce your profits and revenues.

To be able to deliver effective marketing efforts, you must also have the ability to manage your data competently. Renting cold list is a common practice for companies when conducting direct selling marketing campaigns. If you’re one of these companies, it’s very important to make sure that your existing customers are not part of the list that you’re renting. And if, in any case, you are renting more than one list, you must also ensure that there are no duplicates that exist across all the lists including your own database. Otherwise, you could eventually end up dealing with problems arising from duplicate records. There are processes that can help you address complexities of your data at hand. You need to be aware and take advantage of these processes so you can carry out your marketing efforts and obtain the best results possible.

Admittedly, the problem of having duplicate records is not something that is easy to avoid as it could arise from many different sources and reasons. It could stem from errors in data migration due to business merger or consolidation, or it could exist at the very onset of data entry. Complications can also arise when your data fields are not properly set up or if your data contains different characters and format.

Duplicate records can ruin your marketing efforts and drain your valuable business resources. Sending duplicate mails to hundreds of clients on your list can be very costly and will continue to be unproductive and hazardous to your business reputation if not addressed properly. The sad fact is that a lot of companies are already suffering losses from unsuccessful marketing campaigns without really finding the real culprit.

It’s never too late. Don’t allow your company to be part of the statistics. There are data cleansing companies that also specialize in deduplication processes to help you come up with better and cleaner marketing list. They are not only capable of detecting double records, they are also capable of helping you come up with standardize processes so you can maintain the integrity of your records all the time. They can help you get things right the first time so you will not go wrong in your mailing campaigns. WinPure are one of the leading and most reputable companies who can help you save money and time by using powerful, affordable and easy-to-use data deduplication software.

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