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Data quality is an important contributor in the overall success of a project or campaign. Inaccurate data leads to wrong assumptions and analysis. Consequently it leads to failure of the project or campaign. Duplicate data can thus cause all sorts of hassles such as slow load ups, accidental deletion etc. A good data cleansing tool tackles these problems and cleans your database of duplicate data, bad entries and incorrect information.
Most of the businesses today use databases to store relevant information. The data quality issues arise when you want to correct anomalies in a data source or you want to combine data from different sources. This duplicate elimination in a file along with data warehouse construction activities can be effectively done with the help of a Data Cleansing tool. These errors in the data arise due to mistyping of the word, or when the data is collected from different sources. This leads to duplicate entries and points at inconsistencies within the database. As in some instances two different records may contain contradictory information about a single entity.
An efficient Data Cleansing tool first assesses your database, looks for duplicates taking into account frequencies in distribution, data profiling etc. The tool then cleans the database as per specifications. Generally, the tool checks for compliance of business rules, checking table columns besides checking the database for consistency and duplications. Data deduplication software does the data cleansing job so that you have a clean and accurate database.
WinPure offers one of the best data cleansing tools that is easy-to-use, affordable and powerful. The software is being used by hospitals, government agencies and schools. WinPure software helps you to correct, clean, deduplicate and standardize all sorts of data and lists. This cost-effective solution is an award winning software that is setting new benchmarks in the data deduplication field. With this you will want to look into getting software defined storage encryption.

WinPure offers three amazing software titles that include:

WinPure List cleaner Pro

An all-in-one data cleaning tool, single list cleaning and dedupe software that cleans your contact lists, mailing lists, sales & marketing databases. It has 8 modules that help to clean lists.

WinPure List cleaner Lite

It is a data cleansing, list cleaning and dedupe software that cleans the data and provides accurate data without any duplicates. It has 6 easy-to-use modules that help to maintain the data or list from different data sources.

WinPure Clean & Match 2012

This data cleanser is data deduplication software that is able to clean mailing lists, marketing databases, emails and spreadsheets. It has five cleaning modules that make sure that the lists have no duplicates.

Data Cleansing Tool

Data Cleansing Tool


WinPure products are simple to use and offer power to clean, correct and deduplicate lists in shortest possible time. WinPure has simplified the difficult task of data deduplication to great extent. Visit the site and learn more about the Data Cleaning tool.
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