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Data CleansingData is of great importance in both small and big business enterprises. Most often, data is used to make key decisions in business organizations that tend to determine the future performance of the organization. Due to this, it is vital to maintain important, up-to date, clean data all the time. This is possible if all inaccurate data is eliminated from the database. Inaccurate data can be eliminated from the system through data cleaning.


What is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing often referred to as data scrubbing is the removal of inaccurate unimportant data from the database of a company. It involves identifying all inaccurate information on the database and either deleting them or replacing them with accurate information. It can be done through different techniques such as data transformation, data deduplication, detection of syntax errors, parsing and the use of statistical methods. Data cleaning can be done manually if the data stored is small and does not contain a lot of information. It can also be done by using data cleaning tools such as a data quality software if dealing with a huge database

Why perform Data Cleaning?

Data cleansing helps to eliminate repeated records of data. Through the process, duplicated records or duplicated data sets are identified in the database, tagged together and then deleted from the system. This helps create more space in the system for new data. It also helps to save a lot of time and money in the entire process. As a business organization it is uneconomical to send a number of communications to the same client for no apparent reason.

The process also helps identify inconsistent data. All the data that is incomplete and other incomplete figures stored in the database are identified and eliminated from the system. They are then replaced with new and accurate data. Most people hate to receive communications from a company with their names wrongly spelt or part of their contact information.

In the cleaning process all the related data is identified and organized into a data set. All outdated information realized from this process is eliminated and only data that is up to date is retained. This helps minimize the chances of storing information about a client who is not existing such as a deceased client and even sending numerous communications from the company to the ghost client.

Since data is of great importance to any company, data cleansing ensures the company only works with accurate data. It helps the business enterprise to accurately determine the performance of the company, make the right business decisions and even make future projections in relation to the data stored in the system

Cleansing of data is of great importance to any business enterprise. It is advisable for any business enterprise to perform the cleansing process regularly in order to make proper decisions in relation to the performance of the business, save on time and maintain the good reputation of the system.

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