WinPure, an industry-leading provider of data deduplication and cleansing software, has announced the release of WinPure Clean & Match v7.5

The new version includes several major enhancements, as well as performance improvements and an improved user interface.

One of its major enhancements is the ability to connect to more files, databases and CRM’s.

New Data Connections

With WinPure’s Clean & Match unmatched data integration capabilities, business and IT can seamlessly work together and leverage the new data connections we have added:

  • Databases: Postgres, Microsoft Azure, SQLite

In order to ensure efficient contact with customers and also to meet data compliance standards, every company needs to have up to date and cleansed data. To put it short, data cleansing is the process of correcting data. With respect to your customer data, data cleansing makes sure the information stored in your database is accurate and consistent.  It simply removes any data that is incomplete, incorrect or does not adhere to formatting standards.

With WinPure’s Clean & Match’s Postgres, Microsoft Azure, and SQLite database connectors, you will be able to seamlessly clean your customer database with the ultimate goal of creating a “single customer view”. A “single customer view” contains all the relevant data for each of your customers and brings significant benefits:

    • Helps your company meet regulatory requirements.
    • Saves mailing cost
    • Improves the quality of service you provide to your customers
    • Provides accurate prospect information which leads to more accurate sales targeting.
  • CRM: Salesforce and Zoho

If you’ve implemented a CRM, you are aware of how much effort is required to make sure data is cleansed and up to date. But data always changes. People change phone numbers, names, addresses, or switch their jobs. So, according to studies, 30-70% of your data usually decays within just one year. This simply means that your marketing campaigns will become ineffective. Moreover, you will not be able to reach the right customers with the right message. As a result, your revenue will take a hit.

Fortunately, WinPure Clean & Match is now able to seamlessly integrate with your Salesforce and Zoho CRM and you can use it to cleanse, match, deduplicate, and standardize your data.

With WinPure Clean & Match, your team will be able to your core business and stop worrying about data accuracy. As a result, your Salesforce data will enable you to increase the revenue by identifying new opportunities.

  • Files: XML, JSON

So, WinPure Clean & Match provides easy to use connectors for all the common databases and CRMs out there. But, you don’t store all your data in a database or in a CRM. What if you want to cleanse and deduplicate your XML or JSON files? No worries, our leading data cleansing tool lets you increase the accuracy of your XML and JSON files by comparing and removing duplicated records through its user-friendly interface.

Being Agile

“Being an agile organization we are continually improving our software platform to keep up with the needs of our customers” says CEO of WinPure David Leivesley. This latest release focuses on connecting to more data sources and with this new platform and request tool, we are able to easily add more connections from customer demand.

WinPure Clean & Match – Your Complete Data Cleansing and Matching Solution

We believe these new features will help businesses integrate WinPure‘s industry-leading data cleansing and matching solution into their business processes in order to empower the workforce and further improve the customer experience. For a more detailed overview of our industry-leading solution download the 30 days free trial today.

By Andrei Popescu | March 12th, 2019 | Posted in News

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