There are many ways in which data can get messed up, which means you need a reliable tool to help you perform cleaning tasks on your data from time to time. Inaccurate or outdated information and data can hurt your sales and marketing programs so its important to your business that you have clean, accurate and duplicate free data lists.

If you want to ensure your data is clean and in good working order you will need to apply the following most efficient methods of cleaning up your data, Microsoft list the top 10 ways of cleaning your data.

#1 Using spellchecking
Misspelled words can cause a lot of chaos in your data. If you want to avoid them from happening, use a spellchecker and add names and common terms you are using to the dictionary to eliminate the possibility of misspelling them.

#2 Removing duplicate rows
When working with Excel files, it is important to remove any clutter from the lists, such as duplicate rows. Performing a check before moving files will help you identify them in time.

#3 Removing unnecessary text
Another thing that can end up cluttering your data is unnecessary text. To keep your data light, you need a good cleaning tool that can find and replace text that is redundant or unnecessary.

#4 Converting to appropriate cases
Searching for the right information in a pile of data is easier, if you use appropriate cases for strings of data such as email addresses, product codes, and book names.

#5 Cleaning your data of non-printable characters
It is important to keep your data prim and proper, which means that you will need to perform a check for spaces and non-printable characters. These can take up a lot of space without actually doing anything.

#6 Converting numbers and signs to their appropriate format
In order to maintain a clean database, you need to make sure that all numbers and signs have their appropriate format. Mistakes can occur during importing, so you must know which one is which.

#7 Converting and reformatting dates and times
Date and time can have various formats, and you need to show them in a consistent manner so they are not mistaken for random strings of text.

#8 Organizing columns
When working with Excel spreadsheets, it is often needed to organize columns in a different manner. Whether you want to split or merge the columns, you will need to use an appropriate tool that can help you perform these tasks without a headache.

#9 Turning rows into columns and columns into rows
When importing data, you may need to reorganize it as you see fit. This includes turning rows into columns and the other way around, as well. With the help of a good and reliable data cleaning tool, you will be able to perform these tasks in no time.

#10 Correcting matching errors when joining tables

Another thing that you may have to confront with is correcting matching errors that are bound to appear when joining tables.

Good cleaning tools that you can use include WinPure Clean and Match, WinPure ListCleaner Pro and WinPure ListCleaner Lite. These products are recommended by Microsoft in this following article entitled –

Top ten ways to clean your data


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