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On-Premise Data CleansingLately, several data cleansing & matching vendors have stepped up their efforts to highlight the benefits of storing data and executing applications in the cloud. But we think that there are at least five important benefits where it could be advisable to store and run your data cleansing and matching jobs on-premise. These range from regulatory concerns to security, costs and so on. Hence, we strongly believe that a company also needs to consider the most important advantages of on-premise data Cleansing & matching solutions:

Regulatory compliance

Depending on your vertical, industry, and geography, you must comply with specific government regulations. For example, GDPR includes many provisions that determine how you store and use personal and sensitive data. The financial services and healthcare sectors are well-known examples in which companies must take supplemental measures to prove that sensitive data is securely processed and stored. Often times, the complexity and the costs of making a cloud solution fully compliant with the regulatory requirements are too high. Hence, the best solution is to make use of on-premise solutions.


While cloud providers have significantly increased the security measures available for their customers, these are not still on par with well-thought security systems implemented on-site. Also, companies need to transfer their data over the network in order to process it on the cloud. Even if most of the transfers are encrypted, no algorithm is bullet-proof. So, you get an increased potential attack surface, meaning more risks.


In an ideal world, all users have fast internet connections and unrestrained access to their cloud providers’ servers. But in the real world, this is not always true. The issue is most prevalent for large companies that operate sites in multiple countries all over the world. Simply put, a company can’t ignore the bandwidth constraints at the last mile.


It might seem counterintuitive, but costs can be greater when running a workload in the cloud. In essence, the cloud brings a new economic model: the companies pay for actual usage. The problem is that, in order to really be efficient, you need to right-size the infrastructure for your specific tasks. But this is not an easy job to do and, most probably, your IT department doesn’t have the required skills. As a result, you should either invest in expensive trainings or hire a third party to help you. Both solutions take time and cost money. Conversely, on-premise applications run on the existing hardware. Also, your staff can manage them with ease. So, while the upfront cost is higher with in-premise software solutions, the total cost of ownership could end lower when you will factor in all on-going costs and fees.


While using the cloud, how do you really know where the data is? Once moved to the cloud, sensitive data can reside basically anywhere. With the increased number of regulations, this is an important aspect that many companies need to consider.

Benefits of On-Premise Data Cleansing & Matching – Conclusion

As we have seen, there are significant advantages in choosing to run your data cleansing & matching jobs on-premise. Taking these into consideration, we designed our award-winning WinPure Clean & Match to run on your hardware so all processing is going to be done on premise. Furthermore, WinPure Clean & Match provides the most complete set of features currently available on the market:

  • Powerful import/export tools, providing support for Text/CSV, Excel, SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle
  • Advanced data profiling module that lets you quickly see the problems and decide what actions you must take
  • State of the art data cleaning that you can also use to correct, standardize and transform your data
  • Sophisticated data matching engine, able to find all duplications
  • Task scheduler, that you can use to set a time for automatic execution.

WinPure Clean & Match is already the go-to solution for several large enterprises such as Vodafone, Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America, Emirates, McAfee, and Yahoo. Download the free trial and enjoy the benefits of running your data cleansing & matching workloads on-premise.

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