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What is Fuzzy Matching?

Fuzzy matching, sometimes known as probabilistic record linkage, uses algorithmic processes (fuzzy logic) in order to determine whether there is any similarity or relationship between elements of data.  What makes fuzzy matching different to traditional database searching is that results for a query are returned based on likely relevance, rather than an exact match. Search words and spellings do not necessarily have to match database records exactly in order to yield results. Data matches may include alternate spellings of a search term or data that may have been laid out in a different format. Fuzzy matching is able to calculate the probability that different records and search terms actually relate to the same thing. The spell-checker or suggested search term function that most major search engines use is an example of fuzzy matching software in use.

How can Fuzzy Matching Software Help your Business?

Fuzzy matching software can be used to assist with data cleansing, data integration and deduplication, three essential components of effective data management no matter what size your business. Businesses need to make sure that their data is accurate, clean and that it complies with government legislation. Regularly cleansing your databases and identifying and removing duplicate records ensures your data is as accurate as possible, saving time, money and resources which in turn enables your business to run at maximum efficiency.

Data integration is another key principle of effective data management. This could involve integrating newly purchased data without compromising the quality of your existing records, or may mean integrating information from several different business systems to create a single master record. In order to facilitate this, the data needs to be matched together. Even though they are important, if done manually, these tasks can use up a lot of resources and be extremely time-consuming.

Data cleansing software such as WinPure Clean and Match incorporates the latest fuzzy matching algorithms to make deduplicating, cleaning, and integrating data much simpler and faster. Using fuzzy matching, duplicated names, addresses and company names can be found with ease, even if data records are incomplete or have been entered into the database in different ways.

Versatile and cost effective

Practically any business can benefit from using data cleansing software that utilises fuzzy matching. All that is required is an email, product, customer or mailing list, making this type of software ideal for use in banking, marketing, retail, telemarketing companies or schools and universities. Data cleansing software can also be used with a number of different office computer programmes such as Excel, Access and Outlook.

Reduce marketing postage costs by eliminating duplicate records from company databases and ensuring data is up-to-date and error free. Business reputations can also be boosted by using standardised styles for names and addresses and potential customers will never be annoyed by receiving multiple versions of the same promotional brochures, flyers and mail shots. By integrating data, collaborating companies will also be able to work on marketing activities more efficiently and effectively, without the fear of repeating work.

Save yourself hassle and time, download a free trial of WinPure’s data cleansing and deduplicating software today.

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