phone verificationThere are various phone verification service providers catering to a variety of industries.

Businesses require phone numbers for a variety of purposes. Some use phones to send regular greetings, some use text messaging as a way to market products and services, some require numbers to improve customer support, and some choose phones to verify details, especially when it comes to delivering goods.

If you’re in the e-commerce industry, you must already be aware of the importance of phone numbers. It can be very difficult to deliver goods without a valid phone number. Who is the delivery person going to call if he or she can’t find an address or if there’s no one home?

The importance of phone numbers is self explanatory, but why do we need phone number verification and how can businesses verify numbers?

Let’s find out:

5 Benefits of Phone Verification

Here are some of the advantages of a phone verification service and why you should opt for it:

1. Allows Businesses to Save Money

When you think about it, you will have to spend money on getting a phone verification tool. This adds to the cost but this expenditure is worth it because phone verification can help businesses save money in the long-run.

Correct numbers mean you will miss fewer shots, i.e: there will be the right person on the other side of the phone. Think about all the money that’d be lost sending messages to the wrong people.

2. Helps Save Time

Time is money. Since we have limited hours in a day, we must take steps to save as much time as we possibly can. Phone verification can make the job easier as it ensures you contact the person you’re trying to get in touch with.

According to reports, the average employee wastes about 94 minutes per day not counting allowed breaks and lunch time.  This is the time that employees end up wasting deliberately, it does not take into account the time wasted due to a wrong number.

It can take an employee up to 1 minute to find and dial a number. Plus, it can take another minute to talk to the other person and realize that it’s the wrong number. Employees can’t just hang up if it’s the wrong person on the other end. They must handle the situation in a polite and professional manner. 

 This means each wrong number can waste about 2 minutes on average. Moreover, an employee may also have to keep a record of calls, which can result in more wastage of time. 

3. Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers do not want to hear about how you send a text to the wrong person or how you could not reach them. They expect you to up your game and make sure you have all the correct information.

In fact, it can be hard to convince clients that they typed an incorrect number, they expect you to correct things and not blame them for anything. Hence, it is important to have phone verification for business.

Plus, with the right number, you will be able to cater to your clients in a better manner. Emails and mails can be slow, the phone offers instant communication and allows businesses to send or receive information quickly and seamlessly.

Businesses can use text messaging to send important information such as changes in schedule. Imagine the horror of a client not knowing that Monday’s meeting has been postponed to Tuesday. The client would be at your door on Monday expecting to attend the meeting.

4. Play an Important Role in Marketing

Believe it or not, SMS marketing is still big since 3.5 billion people around the world own a mobile phone. According to the latest reports, soon about half of the world’s population will have at least one mobile phone. 

This is why businesses spend thousands on phone marketing. Some even buy SMS packages that are sold based on the number of recipients. If you have incorrect numbers, you would end up wasting your slots and receive a very poor ROI.

Businesses need to be careful about who they target. For example, if you sell clothes for women above 40, you should ideally market women who are in their 40s. Sending marketing messages to a teenager will not provide very good results. 

5. Improves DeliveryBenefits of Phone Verification

Most online delivery companies ask for personal details including phone numbers. They use the phone to exchange information such as a delivery timeline. Plus, the person delivering the product may also need to call the person to make sure the parcel reaches the buyer. 

It will not be wrong to state that e-commerce thrives on mobile communication. Incorrect phone numbers can cause a business to fail as they’ll either end up delivering to the wrong person or delivering late.

Both these scenarios can cause your goodwill to take a hit. The best way to protect and to reduce the risk of errors is to verify phone numbers.

How Can I Verify Phone Numbers?

Back in the day, businesses used to verify information manually. This was a time-consuming and costly method. However, you don’t have to stick to manually call people to verify numbers as there are phone verification service providers like WinPure who can verify thousands of numbers in minutes.

The WinPure Phone Number Verification tool includes a free trial, performs global searches and is flexible. We cater to all niches and offer free lookups to help you know more about how our phone verification service can help your business.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our phone verification services and get started.

By Moe Sid | May 12th, 2020 | Posted in Phone Verification

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