Benefits of RPA for Data Migration

Data migration, for the purpose of this article, can be defined as moving or copying data from one database or system to another.

Companies may need data migration services for a variety of reasons such as ERP upgrades and retirement of systems. Some other reasons include:

  • Corrections: It is sadly common for data to get damaged due to overuse and other such reasons. You will have to copy data to a different source in order to have a backup and make corrections to it.
  • Acquisitions or Mergers: Sharing or transfer of data is mandatory when two companies join hands. Businesses need to keep all information under one platform for safety and ease of use.
  • Modernization: Since technology changes at a rapid pace, a business cannot stick to one tool for long. Companies that do not evolve find it difficult to stay afloat due to stiff competition. Hence, it is important to modernize.
  • Application Standardization: Updates over the years and business changes can result in mismatched data or data belonging to different tools that increase the need for standardization. Imagine having to use multiple tools to view different sets of data when you can use one software to manage ‘em all. This helps save time, money, and resources. Plus, it also makes management a piece of cake.

Transition, implementation, and planning are important to make sure the job gets completed in a neat manner.

Data Migration and RPA

Robotic Process Automation wasn’t originally introduced to be used for data management or migration. However, its capabilities make it suitable for this.

RPA tools can handle rules-based, highly structured migration activities. 

The extract, transform, load (ETL) methodology highlights it even better:

  • Extract: Neatly-defined requirements covering how data will be extracted and verified.
  • Transform: Special rules guide how to transform data according to your target.
  • Load: Clear steps define how transformed and extracted data gets mapped into your target structure.
  • Test and Recovery: Covers integration test plans, exit criteria, roll-back, recovery procedures, and reporting for each stage.

This methodology defines and highlights the importance of RPA by spelling our required outcomes, rules, and sequential activities for every step of the migration process.

RPA’s UI-level integration can be very useful since data migration often comes with legacy systems that do not have API access. RPA tools make sure underlying systems do not get affected.

RPA and Data Migration: ExamplesBenefits of RPA for Data Migration

The tool can be used in almost every industry that deals with data. The fact remains that every business, whether big or small, has to deal with data including private and customer data that is needed to manage users and provide excellent customer support.

Let’s consider the insurance industry where it is common to migrate files. It’s linked to the exchange of policies or books from one insurance firm to another. 

These books are often dated. In fact, many are created using legacy systems that may not be used anymore. Extracting this data manually can be very time consuming and troublesome but a necessity since a business may not always have access to the tools needed to open such files or such tools may not be very useful anymore. 

Time taken to complete the migration process is of huge importance since these acquired policies are often ‘live’ and need to be administered.

Back in the day, companies had very few options. They had to deploy a dedicated migration staff to get the job done. This wasn’t only expensive but very lengthy as well. 

Staff members had to work through various processes including extraction, cleansing, and quality review. Due to the heavy involvement of human workers, the risk of errors was also very high. Plus, a simple book with a few thousand entrees typically took up to three months to complete. The cost was also a problem. Businesses had to spend more than $300,000 on migration.

Today, there are no such problems as all that you need is planning and the support of a reliable data matching and migration tool like the one offered by WinPure.

Can WinPure Help My Business?

Our tool is designed for all kinds of businesses, big or small. We even offer enterprise solutions for big corporations and have helped major names like BBC, Vodafone, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Bank of America take care of their data migration needs.

We know how RPA tools work and how they can make data management a piece of cake. We’ve been using these tools to serve our customers better and complete tasks in less time while offering even better results.

Talk to us today to learn more about our services and how we make use of RPA tools for data migration. Whether you want to migrate one record or many, we can take care of the job for you. No need to have your ‘humans’ work, our computer can handle it all for you.

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