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Check the validity and deliverability of every physical address

From your marketing / mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets, CRM’s and more

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Address Verification from WinPure™

WinPure’s Clean & Match with Address Verification is a secure, on-premise address cleaning & geocoding solution which uses a powerful Global Parsing Engine (GPE) to parse, standardize, verify, cleanse and format address data.  From a simple click it will automatically correct and add all missing address elements by comparing it to the very latest country datasets. The solution is fully on premise and requires no online connection.

  • Best-in-class data parsing engine and global location data sets
  • Validate and correct your customer address data to reduce returned mail costs.
  • Enables processing of up to 3 million address records per hour
  • On premise solution allows user privacy — no need to send private information through the cloud
  • Qualify for postal discounts on mailing services and lists
  • Over 245 country datasets available
  • Adds any missing address values
  • Support data in any UTF-8 format


Address Integrity is vital to your business. The value of your database and the strength of your mailing lists depend on your customer contact information being accurate. This data, however, deteriorates over time for many reasons, including keystroke errors, customers moving, or ZIP™ codes being added or changed.


Simply import your list, map the address columns, then one simple mouse click. It will automatically correct and add all missing address elements by comparing it to the very latest country address datasets. The solution is fully on premise and requires no online connection.


CASS Certified™
• RDI™
• DPV®
• eLOT®
• LACSLink®
• SuiteLINK®

address verification

Connects to all popular Files, Databases & CRM’s

Import / Export files, databases & CRM’s including Text/CSV, Excel, XML, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, MS Azure, Salesforce & more.

Clean & Match any kind of data.

WinPure provides instant access to data of any kind with out-of-the-box connectors to everything from personal spreadsheets to enterprise data warehouses and massive big data systems.

Geocoder Latitude and Longitude

Enhance your location database by adding latitude & longitude coordinates.


Benefits of Geocodes

  • Enables locations to be displayed on a map or passed to geographic information system (GIS) applications
  • Adds geocodes to premise-level in 120 countries worldwide, including point-level (rooftop) geocoding in 60 countries
  • Adds geocodes to city centroid positions for over 245 countries
  • Adds latitude and longitude coordinates to worldwide postal addresses
  • Provides input for location-based-services (LBS) applications

Key Features

WinPure’s Geocode solution will append latitude and longitude data to addresses, augmenting location datasets with the most accurate and up-to-date geospatial information

“Great for Address Cleaning”

Easy to use and really fast! We bought the Address Cleansing edition as we need to regular check and validate addresses in bulk. Initially we were getting about 72% hit rate which was about the same as the previous vendor, but when we mentioned this to our account manager she instantly setup a demo and showed us some things to help improve this. We then re-ran the process and it went from 72% to 91%, which then enabled us to contact over 65k new prospects, brilliant!

We’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about how Address Validation for your business.

Customers working smarter with WinPure

What is address verification?

Address verification (or address validation) is the process in which a mailing address is reduced to a standardized form that can be tracked by a computer system and checked against an authoritative database which is maintained by the postal office. Our award-winning WinPure Clean & Match Enterprise  is able to check the deliverability of physical addresses in US, UK, Canada and over 240 other countries.