The use of data cleansing tools is often associated with large corporations and multinational conglomerates. But if recent headlines are to be believed, then England’s educational institutions may need a lot of help from tools such as WinPure in the very near future.

It seems that research indicates that there may be a pressing need for top universities like Oxford and Cambridge (to name a few), to conduct a massive outreach campaign with parents and students of prospective enrollers into the university. This need has arisen because prospective (future) pupils are being discouraged from applying to those distinguished institutions by teachers from state schools. Why? Because the educators believe those top universities are filled with “toffs”!

The findings are a result of a comprehensive research initiative undertaken by the Sutton Trust, which concluded that 4 out of every 10 teachers polled either never, or very rarely, encourage their gifted wards to Britain’s ancient institutions of higher learning. Researchers also found that potential pupils were being mislead too, about the potential of their chances of being successful in admission tests for those institutions.

So how can data cleansing tools help resolve this dilemma? And is data cleansing really the answer to ensuring students and their parents/guardians are steered in the right direction, so they can make informed decisions about which universities/colleges to apply for?

Where data cleansing can help is in supporting college and university administration in launching targeted and accurate communication programs to “send out the right message” about their institutions. Educational institutions already have a rich treasure trove of contact data for students, parents and other relevant recipients of such communications. Unfortunately, those lists may be in need of a massive data cleansing effort before they can be effectively used for outreach purposes. And reviewing hundreds (if not thousands!) of contact records manually just won’t cut it!
• manual “cleansing” efforts are time consuming and will likely take too much time to complete!
• using human capabilities, as part of a data cleansing effort, to inspect and correct inaccurate, duplicate or wrongly formatted contact information is bound to be error prone!
• manual efforts to weed out errors from multiple cross-referenced lists may cause additional errors and omissions within the data cleansing process!

The need of the hour is a data cleansing tool like WinPure, which can automate the process of purifying contact lists, email address and other database records quickly and efficiently. It has been developed using highly intelligent algorithms to assist data list managers, contact address maintainers and data base administrators and to review and “purify” their contact lists.
As a result of the data cleansing process, college and University administrators can quickly parse their existing error-prone lists and receive back pristine and pure contact lists that can then be used to communicate not only with parents and students, but with other school/college administrators and teachers as well. This targeted and accurate outreach effort can help deliver factual information about the true value that ancient British universities still have to offer.

WinPure is extremely simple to use, and is supported on a variety of IT platforms, including Windows XP-SP2 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 and Windows 8. As a result, college and university IT departments will have no need to make major investments on expensive, high end IT infrastructure. Data cleansing can easily be initiated using existing desktops, laptops and tablet devices.

Written by Mike Hughes

Mike has over 4 years full time experience blog wand content writing. He enjoys and can write on a wide range of topics all data management related.

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