emailWe have said it time and again, you need email verifiers if you want your business to be a success. Still, very few businesses use an email verification service since they’re not aware of the benefits of using one.

Plus, not many people know how email verifiers truly work and there appears to be a lot of misconceptions regarding these tools. The truth is that no two software are the same. But, in most cases they follow the same steps to verify an email address.

Here’s how it works:

  • The first step is a syntax check. It includes going through the entire address to ensure there are no issues such as misplaced commas, dots, spaces, and domain extensions.
  • The second step is a domain check. It involves verifying the domain name actually exists. This is important because some users deliberately enter incorrect domains in a hurry, such as ‘’ or ‘’. Plus, some domains may die, leaving the emails dead as well. Verification ensures you only have emails that are hosted on a working domain.
  • The next step is sending an email ping. This is a sophisticated step and not all email verifiers may offer it. Hence, it is important to get your hands on a tool that comes with this feature so that emails can be verified with little to no mistakes.

Different verifiers come with different features but the reasons to use one remain the same. Here’s why you should use an email verification service:

#1 Humans Make Mistakes

As mentioned earlier, it is not uncommon to make mistakes when you’re filling a form or entering details. Think about a manager who works 8 hours a day. His job can get tiring and monotonous, which may force him to be a little careless.

Plus, some people like to spell things differently. For example, Cameron can be written as Kameron, Camryn, Camron, Camren, etc.

This can result in mistakes. The best way to clear them is to use an email verification service.

#2 People Change Emails

Some of us like to stick to the same email but according to reports, about 31 percent of people change email addresses in a year. This is a huge number that highlights the importance of an email verification service.

Even if a user has not deactivated an account, it is pointless from a marketing perspective if he doesn’t check it. Your email will sit in a pile until he or she decides to login and even then there may be too many emails to look into.

#3 Email Service Providers Shut Down

Not all websites are successful and some have shut down over the years. What happens to users when a service provider shuts down? Their email account becomes inactive and they cannot use it to send or receive emails. In fact, in some cases, they may not even be able to view their inbox.

Since this happens more often than not, it is very important to use an email verification service so that no emails are wasted.

#4 People Get a Promotion

Businesses often need to market products to a specific set of people, i.e: managers. But, what happens if yesterday’s manager is now a CEO? Not only will the product be useless for the recipient, it may not even reach him or her since the person may have a different email, based on the new position.

Most people get a promotion within 18-24 months of joining a business. This means you must verify your list and update it at least once a year.

#5 Users Switch Jobs

The average person switches jobs every 2 years, and what happens when they decide to join a new firm? They get a new business email. As a result, their old email becomes useless. Some companies delete old emails to make space for new ones and some keep them. Whatever the case, an email will be useless for a marketing firm if it is not being used by anyone.

An email verification service can help you determine if a given email is active and working or not.

#6 Some Users Use Fake Emails

This may sound a little strange to some people, but it is not uncommon for users to use a fake email. There are several reasons why someone does so.

Some users do not want to share their email, hence they put fake information when asked. Some users are in a hurry and only wish to bypass verification or other processes and end up entering wrong emails.

In most cases, users enter random words or emails such as ‘’ or ‘’. These are easy to identify but not manually since most companies have thousands of emails and it can be very difficult for a human to inspect them all.

A software, however, can perform the job in minutes. As a result, you will have more reliable email lists.

#7 Your Reputation Is On The Line

This is a very important factor for companies that offer emailing lists or email services. The ROI of a campaign largely depends on how relevant and alive emails are. If even 10 percent of the email addresses are dead, the entire campaign will suffer.

Plus, if a company cannot send emails to the right address, it will not be looked at as a professional firm. Your customers want and expect you to correct their mistakes, even if it’s a typo. Your best option is to resort to an email verification service.

#8 You Want to Save Money and Time

This one is a no brainer. Think about it. Let’s say you market a product and your average rate of success if 3.5 percent. You have an emailing list that contains 1,000 emails all belonging to people who are your potential clients.

You use an emailing software to send customized messages to these people to promote your product. Based on the average figure, you believe that 3.5 percent of buyers, which equals to 35 recipients, will purchase the product.

Let’s do the maths. You spend $100 on sending these emails. Based on this, each successful conversion costs you $2.85.

Now, assume a scenario where you use your current emailing list that was prepared last year, which gave you a 3.5 percent return. Based on the factors given above, we can say that they will get the same rate but you can’t expect all emails to be working.

Let’s say 5% of these users switched jobs, 5% changed the email, and 5% moved to a different position or domain. This means 15 percent of these emails will not work, which means only 850 users will receive your email.

Assuming the same rate, you will end up with only 30 successful conversions. Based on this, each successful conversion will cost you $3.33.

On the other hand, you decide to use an email verification service and correct all errors. This means you will still get your expected figures and will have no losses.

Which Email Verification Service to Use?

email verificationSuitable for both big and small businesses, it is 100% safe and online, hence no worries about having to download it.

It works fast and can handle up to 100,000 email addresses at a time. You can upload both .csv or .txt files.  It verifies emails through mailbox checking, domain checking, and syntax checking.  You will be able to view, analyze, and even download results. You can choose a Pay As You Go package so that you never have to worry about going out of budget.

Written by Moe Sid

Moe Sid is the Content Editor at WinPure, and for the greatest part of his life he's been working as a content writer and ESL teacher. He enjoys writing web content and copywriting as well as blogging on the data management topics.

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